The Feyn font – release notes

Version 0.4.3, 2022 July 20
Documentation update, including fixes for broken URIs, and more consistent use of the canonical homepage URI,
Version 0.4.2, 2022 July 18

No code changes, but updates to URLs, including the repository location.

Version 0.4.1, 2017 November 3

The package is now licensed under the terms of the 2-clause BSD licence.

The only other changes from v0.4b2 are mild documentation adjustments (sorry for the long delay between 0.4b2 and 0.4).

Version 0.4 was not widely released.

Version 0.4b3, 2013 April 12
Version 0.4b2, 2011 April 9

Vertex As for version 0.4b1, but with the addition of aV for a backward arrow (rarely used, but included for consistency; thanks to Thomas Pruschke for the suggestion). Also added: flo for the closed fermion loop, for phi^4 theory (plus floV and floA for completeness; thanks to Hoang Nghia Nguyen for the suggestion; the font should now be able to produce all scalar theory diagrams).

Version 0.4b1, 2010 January 23

Addition of the extended-size `feynx' fonts, and the \FEYN macro (thanks to Luciano Pandola for the suggestion).

Adjustments to the sizing of half-loops (the half-loops are now squashed, though the quarter-loops aren't). Added ghost loops; we can now do all the diagrams of 2-loop QCD. The quarter-loop gluons now taper at both ends, so that two quarter-loops are no longer the same as one half-loop.

Version 0.3.3, 2009 October 8
Minor documentation improvements.
Version 0.3.2, 2009 August 5
Minor documentation improvements – no functional difference from 0.3.1
Version 0.3.1, 2008 February 29
No changes from 0.3b3
Version 0.3b3, 2008 January 30
This time it works properly, with the ‘globalbang’ mechanism fixed (thanks again to Bryan Chen’s patience).
Version 0.3b2, 2008 January 27
Now works properly with amsmath package, as long as it’s loaded second (and the {no,}globalbang options have been added to force behaviour when necessary). Thanks to Bryan Chen for the bugreport.
Version 0.3b1, 2008 January 17
Added small fermion loops (including inverted, and arrowed); added a variant of the proper vertex which is all-black rather than hatched (both these suggestions from Bryan Chen). Some documentation improvements.
Version 0.2-2, 2005 December 2
VertexIt turned out that the .dtx documentation wasn’t generated properly when called in the not-terribly-useful \AlsoImplementation mode; fixed, and that mode is no longer the default.
Version 0.2-1, 2005 December 2
Doh! The new files, and their textsize counterparts were not included in the 0.2 distribution; thanks to Purnendu Chakraborty from the Saha Institute for discovering this. This release also includes fixed gluon loop characters: they were all 1 module high before, but now have the correct sizes.
Version 0.2, 2005 March 24
Substantial restructuring. Most particularly, (almost) all of the propagators now have versions with arrows integrated into the character, and each of the characters has an ‘annotation point’ defined, and accessed using the \momentum macro, or the ‘!’ abbreviation. This makes the ‘a’ character (the arrow) largely redundant and the \vertexlabel macro rather less important.
Version 0.1, 1991, 1994, 2001
VertexInitial version. The font was first produced in 1991 or so, first released in 1994, and tidied up and more carefully re-released as version 0.1 in 2001.