Wishes for Latin Modern

Unfortunately, I will not be able to maintain this www page anymore. I am searching for a person that can do the work from now on.

In de.comp.text.tex, there has been a discussion about the Latin Modern font family that is developed by Bogusław Jackowski aka Jacko, B.Jackowski@gust.org.pl, and Janusz M. Nowacki, jnowacki@uck.uni.torun.pl.

This list contains wishes for future versions of the Latin Modern font family (versions 0.86 to 0.92).

Wishes that will surely not be realized are canceled like this.

Here, you can find these wishes that have been realized or rejected.

How to add new items to this list

At the moment, nobody maintains this page. Until a new maintainer is found it is difficult to add new items.


Text fractions

Single glyphs/ligatures

General things

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