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VnTeX-README vntex-3.2.1

This file is part of VnTeX. Author: Reinhard Kotucha, license: LPPL, version 1.3 or newer.



VnTeX is a package which supports typesetting Vietnamese. It provides macro packages for LaTeX and plain TeX as well as fonts.

The primary site of VnTeX is

There are also some fonts which cannot be freely distributed. Download them from

TeXLive and MacTeX users can use the program getnonfreefonts in order to download and install them.


The author of VnTeX is Hàn Thế Thành.


LaTeX support (input encoding files, font encoding file, babel support and vietnam.sty) is provided by Werner Lemberg. TeX4ht support was provided by Hàn Thế Thành and Eitan Gurari. The TeX4ht fonts are now part of the TeX4ht distribution. plnfss was removed from VnTeX because it supports many other languages as well.


The URW Type1 fonts are copyrighted under the GNU GPL, .map files are public domain, varioref-vi.sty is under LGPL, Vntopia fonts are under the Utopia license agreement, all other files are under LPPL, version 1.3 or newer.


The current maintainers are There is a mailing list (very low traffic) for questions about VnTeX and typesetting Vietnamese. To subscribe to the list, visit The Vietnamese fonts for TeX4ht are now part of TeX4ht and maintained by Karl Berry and Radhakrishnan C. V.

When do I have to upgrade?

You should upgrade if you have a VnTeX version < 3.0.

The version number of the release you actually have installed appears in the first line of the file
The version number of this release is 3.2.1.

The latest stable release can be downloaded from

Beta releases can be downloaded from if available.

Bugfixes can be found at Read the instructions on this page to find out whether you have to install it.


If you have a modern TeX distribution like TeX Live, MacTeX, or MikTeX, you don't have to install VnTeX manually. Please use the package manager of your TeX distibution in order to keep VnTeX up-to-date.

You only have to install VnTeX manually if you can't install a recent TeX distribution on your machine. You can skip the rest of this paragraph otherwise.

It is recommended to create an own directory tree for vntex so that you can remove it easily when you update your TeX system. This directory tree should be the first item of TeX's search path, otherwise you have to remove old versions of VnTeX or vncmr completely.

On UNIX systems this is something like /usr/local/share/texmf-vntex for a system-wide installation or $HOME/texmf-vntex if you do not have access to this directory. On Windows c:\texmf-vntex is a good place.

Unpack and in this directory.

Read doc/generic/vntex/INSTALL for further instructions.